• Picture of S3 Leather Case
  • Picture of S3 Leather Case

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S-View Protective Leather Case for Elephone S3
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S3 Smart View Window Flip Leather Case

Smart View Window Function

Ability to view the date, time, accept/reject calls through the display window

Beyond Covered
Our new Flip Cover doubles as a StyleSwap cover, so it isn’t just on your phone - it’s part of your phone. The fit is extremely secure and sleek for an incredibly unified design. Don’t think
of it as just a cover; think of it as a whole new phone.

A Smarter Phone
Opening the cover wakes your M3 for quick access to your homescreen. When closed, your device immediately goes back to sleep, saving battery.

Sophisticated Design
Protect your M3 from drops and scratches without hindering access to volume and power buttons, headphone jack, or speakers. Express your personal style with unmatched sophistication.